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Why Creative

Everyone is going creative

It’s a matter of fact, the number of applicants using creative resume templates is increasing drastically. We believe that the old traditional resumes will be out of style in the near future, and using a modern resume will become just ordinary. So be prepared for the future, but also take action and use one of our creative resume templates. Right now there’s still a chance to stand out from the competition being “different”.

Only 6 seconds to impress

Recent studies showed that resumes grab the attention of the recruiter within the first 6 seconds. We therefore believe that an eye-catching professional resume template can only be supportive. After all, if you were given HUNDREDS of white boring resumes and only ONE visually stunning resume, which one would you bear in your mind?

You need calls back

Before worrying about attending an interview, you need to be able to get invited over for one. More and more individuals don’t put enough effort in this crucial aspect of the application process and send out tons of anonymous applications. A modern resume template for Word will definitely help you GET NOTICED, this means calls back and interview invitations.

Why Us

Easy editing with Microsoft Office

Some of the best resume templates are often only available for Photoshop and Illustrator. However, everyone should be in the position to use an outstanding resume, even without being a designer. That’s why we only sell resume templates for Microsoft Word (doc files). Word [Office] is the most popular format requested by employers, it’s easy to edit and can be easily saved as PDF. Therefore, using resume templates for Word is definitely the simplest and most convenient way to go.

Perfect balance between modern and classic

Our Word resume templates are modern, professional, functional, clean and simple. They’re creative, but not crazy extravagant, we aimed to keep the right balance between a modern and traditional style. Moreover, rather than offering dozens of designs, we decided to only feature a few selected resume templates for Word that can really make a difference and get you noticed.

Tiny investment, huge return

Working on the perfect resume that will land your dream job is certainly an investment in terms of time and effort. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Everyone should have a chance to look professional but most importantly, land a job. That’s why our professional resume templates were kept accessible to any pocket.

Why bother making a resume from scratch, when you have a choice of professional resume templates? Microsoft resume templates are specifically designed to make your message stand out. They are easy to customize and we have a wide range of ready templates to choose from. Creating a resume that catches the eye has never been easier – you can benefit from the many formatting features and various styles, included in the application, without much time or effort. You can easily use one of our Microsoft Word resume templates to create a stylish job application with a professional look.

You need to have a creative resume template if you want to have a good-looking professional resume. You can use one of our resume templates for Word and compress hours of work into as little as a few minutes. Be sure to consider the nature of the job you’re applying for, then download one of the Word resume templates available from us. Packed with different styles and formatting features, these templates make for a perfect combination between individuality and professionalism without any additional hassle!

The most important part of a job application is the first impression. Your resume should be both artistic and professional-looking and you can achieve that in only a few minutes! Try the CV templates you can download from us! Created by professionals, they are simple and easy to use, and allow you for a great deal of customization. The templates are quite straightforward to work with, and you can replace the generic information with your personal details in a matter of minutes. Make yourself stand out with these creative CV templates!

Microsoft Office Word is currently the most popular word-processing software and it allows for a great deal of customization. If you’re looking for a well-designed and professionally-looking CV, we offer the best way to edit a CV template through Microsoft Office. Our templates are easy to use, and are designed to suit the needs of different job application – some are more appropriate for academics, others have a special chronological line, and some are specifically created for particular industries. Using a professional CV template will save you a lot of time – simply replace the generic information and enjoy the results!

Looking for the best resume template out there? First you need to consider the nature of the work you’re applying for. Creative and non-standard templates are more suitable for jobs that require artistic thinking – such as a web designer. Those with a more classic touch are the safest choice – their clean and modern design is appropriate for any type of job, and you can use them for creative, as well as more corporate jobs. Check out our Office resume templates – our templates are quite simple and straightforward to use, and our collection will surely contain the resume you’re looking for!

If you’re struggling with building your CV, you might want to turn to an already prepared curriculum vitae template. According to specialists, CV templates in Word are the most preferred choice at the moment. They offer simple solutions that reflect individual personality, while looking professional. Choose a CV template in Word that suits your character at the moment and consider the format best for your career choice. Each resume template is appropriate for a particular career stage – if you’re a recent graduate lacking work experience, a qualification-style curriculum vitae template is the best option for you. It will accent your qualifications and skills instead of your work experience.

A CV or curriculum vitae template is an easy and efficient choice for those, looking to make an impression without lots of effort. You don’t need to have a creative side or lots of experience in designing CVs to stand out. Simply download a CV template from our designer collection available online! They are suitable for any type of work and career choice. For example, if you’re looking for a career change, download a skill-based resume template to accent on your skills and ability to apply them to various fields. It will make your experience stand out and will guarantee a smooth transition.

Using resume templates for Microsoft Word could save you a lot of time and trouble. But you have to make sure that you also have a version that is optimized for online posting and viewing. According to specialists, the greatest mistake a potential employee can make is include a single version of their job application. Even if you’re using a Word resume template, create a Portable Document Format (PDF) version, and a Web-based (HTML) one. These are formatted and suitable for printing, which is vital if your potential employers prefers to visually review your resume.

Well-designed Word resume templates will outline an individual’s strengths, past accomplishments and basic skills in a concise matter. Work history is also a vital part of the resume, as it demonstrates how these skills were applied to various positions in the past. Our Microsoft Word resume templates are one of the best options out there exactly for that reason. We offer a great selection of templates to choose from, all of them with formatting features and style options included. They are a simple and efficient way to demonstrate your past experience and accent on your skills and their professional design will definitely make you stand out.


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