Creative Resume Template

  • File Format: Microsoft Word .doc
  • 6 Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange
  • Additional features: All elements can change color. Remove photo if you want.
  • Suitable for all professions

The Creative Resume template is for all those applicants that want to impress. It is a great tool if you work in a creative field, such as advertising, marketing, tv & radio, fashion, etc. but it’s just as great looking if you work as a manager, executive, store manager, sales representative, business analyst and many more. This is an eye catching resume template that grabs attention without an extensive use of color. It’s simple and outstanding at the same time. The “good looking” feeling is given by a powerful font type used for the candidate name, your photo presented in a modern round shape and a particularly stylish icon set. With this creative resume template, if you decide to use a photo, you can make yours circle very easily. Your address and location is mentioned right under it, to give an idea of where you are based. The icons or your contact details and social media greatly pop and invite the recruiter to give you a call. You can remove those you don’t need or you can remove them all, if you prefer to use that space to create additional informative text sections. On the right hand, your career statement, work experience and education are again listed with matching icons, while at the very bottom there are 2 columns of rating system that can be used for technology/software knowledge, or removed to add more information.

We offer two packages: a one-page resume or a two-page resume (which includes professional and personal skills, tech, languages, references, and much more – with matching cover letter template).

Package 1:
Page 1 only (in 6 colors)

Package 2:
2 Pages + Cover Letter (all in 6 colors)


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