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With the Freelancer online resume template you are your own boss and want to showcase the numerous and varied work that you can do. The Freelancer online resume template can be built in different colors and is designed with you in mind. Stun your new client with your introductory page. With ease you can list your latest projects that will scroll on a mac desktop. Show them the team you work with, list your work experience, web awards, your project video showcase, portfolio, work experience and a chart of interesting facts about yourself. When they are ready to connect, the contact page is ready for them.

We do the installation and hosting by building your own personalized website. Cost ranges from $90-$200, it depends on how many pages of information we need to extract from your resume, and hosting is only $120 ($10/month). We can even do a rush job for a small fee. Your resume website will be very easy to manage, edit and update. Consider the Shift Design and wow your future employer.

How it works
Order this online resume using the form below, then click here to contact us. Send us your current resume (in doc or text format) and your photo (if you want one), we will use your info to make your website.

Important notes
Please note this template is not for sale, we will build a website from your resume.

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Price based on number of pages of your resume.

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Comes with your-name site address and installation.
Only $10/month!

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