Functional Resume Template

  • File Format: Microsoft Word .doc
  • 6 Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange
  • Additional features: All elements can change color. Remove photo if you want.
  • Suitable for all professions

The Functional Resume template is simple and organized. It was firstly designed for customer service positions, but it can be just as helpful if you are applying as store assistant, sales or even a technical position. It is so clean and functional that it can be really used for any profession. This functional resume template doesn’t make extensive use of color and it’s on the conservative side. It features candidate name and profession on the left hand, followed by a career statement, work experience and education. On the right hand you can find a delicate light grey column that hosts the candidate photo (which can be maintained or removed according to your preference), followed by additional informative sections such as key features, areas of expertise, professional and personal skills, languages, software, awards and interests. All the sections can be changed/edited to fit your needs and reflect the information you want to provide to the prospective employer.