Modern Resume Template

  • File Format: Microsoft Word .doc
  • 6 Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange
  • Additional features: All elements can change color. Remove photo if you want.
  • Suitable for all professions

The Modern Resume template, is for all those individuals that seek modernism and appreciate elegance. It features a trendy and elegant dark grey bar both at the top and at the bottom of the resume. Just inside, a thinner line follows the full width of the page, encasing your precious information. Bars and lines can easily change colors to adjust to the preferred scheme color. Your name and profession occupies a convenient leading position at the top. On the left hand, a vertical bar features your photo (if you want one), and your profile information. It can be for your personal details, websites and social media, or for whatever you feel the need of sharing. As for the resume’s body, work experience and education are listed in a stylish manner from top to bottom, right before a rating system if you would like to list skills as well. At the very bottom again your most important information such as your contacts appear again, almost like a reminder to give you a call, just a perfect closing line for your resume.

We offer two packages: a one-page resume or a two-page resume (which includes a more detailed about section, awards, interests, references and more – as well as matching portfolio and cover letter template).

Package 1:
Page 1 only (in 6 colors)

Package 2:
2 Pages + Cover Letter + Portfolio (all in 6 colors)



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