Professional Resume Template

  • File Format: Microsoft Word .doc
  • 6 Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange
  • Additional features: All elements can change color. Remove photo if you want.
  • Suitable for all professions

The Professional Resume template was born for professionals, with a little touch of technical feeling. If you work as an architect, engineer, lawyer, technical designer, CAD designer and similar, this is the resume template you may want to use. However, it can be used for other professions as well, say you are a school teacher, a doctor or a nurse, it’s still a good fit. It comes in different colors, but it can also be adjusted to lighter or darker colors as per your preference, or to just any color and gradation you want. The large full width stripe at the top puts in evidence the candidate name and profession, while the one at the bottom contains your contact details. As per the body, on the left hand your photo introduces you as a candidate, or it can be removed to leave that space to something else, if you don’t want one. Under the photo, you can find the profile and expertise sections that as well can be edited or changed if needed. On the right hand, you can list your work experience in one or two columns, perhaps the most recent or current experience at the top in full width, and the past experiences at the bottom occupying half of the space. The professional resume template gives you the options, then the way you want to organize the information it’s left to you.

We offer two packages: a one-page resume or a two-page resume (which includes professional and personal skills, software, languages, references, awards, and much more – with matching portfolio and cover letter template).

Package 1:
Page 1 only (in 6 colors)

Package 2:
2 Pages + Cover Letter + Portfolio (all in 6 colors)



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